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Kerri Delacruz  is a disabled woman whose dog was tortured and killed by a group of sinister hooded attackers. The gang then forced their way into her house and dragged their victim to the bathroom. Having pinioned Kerri Delacruz’s arms over her crutches, they took it in turns to cut her open with a kitchen knife. Kerri Delacruz was slashed across the breasts, face, back and hands in a horrific attack that lasted over an hour.

I have discovered some very strong evidence that this horrible crime was planned by an internet computer hacker. He has a long criminal record and has organized sick crimes of violence in the past. Other disabled people have asked for help from the police, but as I will explain later, the authorities are not listening at the moment.

In the Daily Mail article [1], Kerri Delacruz said

‘They have destroyed our lives with no motive except evil.’

This phrase struck me immediately because a very nasty computer hacker has been coordinating attacks on disabled women for some years now. The motive? Well it is just as Kerri Delacruz says – pure evil. This particular hacker is an evil man who has a history of conning young idiots into intimidating vulnerable people.

I discovered the evidence in another blog, while doing a Google search for the BBC Ouch! message board.

This blog

(or try this if it is down )

has a page called ‘Anton Long-Sinister or Sad?’ (top left under ‘Pages’.

The page has screen shots of messages posted in 2006 by a Satanist called Anton Long (an alias). Some of the things he is saying are virtually identical to the threats and insults made by Kerri Delacruz’s attackers.

For example, in screen shot B1 of the BN Village blog,  Anton Long says that

‘spastics’ should be drowned at birth.

Now here is the quote from Kerri Delacruz’s account.

‘They were swearing, calling me a “spastic who should’ve been drowned at birth”.’

The message in screen shot A1 contains this threat

“You should be careful – a woman alone with a debilitating illness.

You might be attacked in your own home by sinister forces.

Acolytes who know all about you are everywhere, they believe everything they are told.”

Even in our sick society, the attack on Kerri Delacruz stands out as singularly peculiar, cruel and macabre. The victim is both disabled and female and in addition, she was attacked in her own home. In the extract above, we see Anton Long warning another disabled woman about an identical attack. The threat’s combination of very specific factors – an attack on a lone female in her own home, who also happens to be disabled -makes this more than just a coincidence.

When you examine further aspects of the crime against Kerri Delacruz, more links with Anton Long’s message can be seen.

Many horrible crimes are committed against women, but I wonder how many other criminals are fixated on disabled females. And what exactly does Anton Long mean by ‘Acolytes’. A quick internet search will confirm Anton Long’s association with Satanism. Is this why the thugs who attacked Kerri Delacruz were dressed from head to toe in black with just slits for their eyes? It seems strange to me that a group of yobs would take the trouble get identical all black outfits together, unless they were motivated by something (or someone) very sinister. They were also very well organized, remembering to mop up the blood so as not to leave footprints. With the exception of drug related ‘turf wars’, most violent youth crime, is spur of the moment, chaotic, thuggery. Various aspects of the attack on Kerri Delacruz, indicate that another older, more experienced and above all, more disciplined, person was active in the planning stage.

Further evidence of Anton Long’s sickness is contained in this sentence from screen shot A1

“The scar from your operation, where is it?”

Why would anyone ask such a weird question, unless they are a freak, obsessed with disabled womens’ operation scars?

Kerri Delacruz says that her attackers had exactly the same sort of obsession

“What will happen if we cut the metal out of your spine?” one goaded. I had no idea how they knew about my operation.’

Then there is the vandalism leading up to the horrific attack on Kerri Delacruz.

Screen shot Y is a post from a message board where Anton Long regularly hacked other member’s computers and stole their data.

The message is from a disabled woman, saying that her car had been seriously vandalized (the steering wheel was sawn off). She also said that the front windows of her house were kicked in

(she made the same complaints on the BBC Ouch! forum and the posts are still in the archives).

The Daily Mail article says

‘she [Kerri Delacruz] added that the family had previously been targeted by vandals, with rocks hurled at her home and her car damaged.’

Another link is that the word ‘spastic’, features heavily in both Anton Long’s messages and in the speech of the youths who attacked Kerri Delacruz.  When one of Anton Long’s earlier disabled female victims was having her car and house attacked, she also had her disability charity’s message board hacked as well. The hacker wrote on it ‘spastics we own you’. This is still in the BBC Ouch! archives.

Viewed in isolation, any one of these incidents might seem like coincidence. Taken together they present a very convincing case. The fact that Anton Long has demonstrated an unnatural and almost unique interest, in disabled women, casts further suspicion on him.


Earlier in this blog, I quoted this from Kerri Delacruz,

‘I had no idea how they knew about my operation.’

This raises the issue of Anton Long’s history of identity theft and computer hacking. Other disabled people have reported having data stolen from their computers, [2],[3]'[4],[5], particularly letters to their doctor and outpatients clinic. These letters often describe their disability in detail. One of these articles [2], discusses how the hacker uses viruses sent to the victim’s mobile phone sim card, so that he can eavesdrop on their most private conversations. This would include visits to their consultant at the hospital.

I have found evidence on the internet that Kerri Delacruz had a Facebook account. Anton Long is particularly active on Facebook because he can establish personal details about his victims before he steals their data.

Anton Long has made every effort to make this appear like a random local attack. He will also argue that Kerri Delacruz’s address and details could have been stolen by anyone on the internet, or elsewhere. But the fact remains that this attack has a combination of sick features which point to just one man as the instigator.

They are

*a disabled female victim

*strong Satanic undertones

*young thugs manipulated into carrying out a crime meticulously planned by a much older man

*extreme animal cruelty

*Anton Long’s criminal record and history of data theft

*Anton Long’s history of targeting a very specific group of people – disabled women

*and most damning of all, Anton Long’s own internet postings which describe virtually the same crime directed at another disabled woman, three years before Kerri Delacruz was attacked.

Isolation from the local community appears to be one of the main criteria. Disabled people often find themselves in this position and thus are prime targets for scum like Anton Long. Kerri Delacruz says in the Daily Mail article

‘We are an innocent family, minding our own business. I barely spoke anyone in the area. That must have been my downfall.’

BBC Ouch! has had many problems with identity theft and subsequent bullying of disabled people. Have a look at the BBC Ouch! page of for a long list of postings complaining about bullying, intimidation, violence and hacking. All at present still in the BBC archives. If Kerri Delacruz was a member of this board, it is almost certain that the attack on her was planned by Anton Long.

Anton Long has a presence on many ‘Death Metal’ music message boards, where he is sometimes discussed under another alias. Death Metal has strong Satanic undertones and there is a distinct possibility that this is where Anton Long recruits youths to carry out his insane attacks.

Anton Long does also have a history of animal cruelty. Strangling cats is one of his most frequent exploits. In another incident he instructed youths to kill a family’s dog and then hurl it through their front room window. Some of this information is quite difficult to find on the internet, but it is there if you dig deep enough.

A few other victims know Anton Long’s real identity and have complained, but because the attacks are planned using data stolen from the internet, the police don’t want to know. I don’t think anyone should be surprised that people commit horrible crimes and get away with it for years. Look at the Harold Shipman and Baby P cases. The authorities are always warned, they refuse to investigate and people die because of it. My experiences of trying to get hate crimes investigated, has revealed time and again, the same mindset in both the authorities and the general public. Nobody likes the consequences of crimes like these – pictures of Kerri Delacruz’s scarred body for example – yet people are simply not interested in the causes. Whistleblowers are generally treated with contempt and are unjustly expected to provide evidence which only the police would have the authority to seize.

Anton Long has a long history of violence and weirdness. Now he has been caught making the same threats to a disabled woman in 2006, that were then carried out by thugs against Kerri Delacruz in 2009. If that isn’t enough for the authorities to act, then so be it. More disabled women will be attacked and the person behind it will never be caught.

If we don’t want our society to descend even further into barbarism, it is our duty as decent human beings to make sure the police look into the internet aspects of this case more carefully. Other disabled people, as well as myself, have tried to make the police listen concerning attacks which stretch back over many years, but they wont even investigate. I suspect that the Delacruz case has been quietly shelved. Even if the thugs get arrested, the person who encouraged them to do it, will be free to plan further cruel attacks.

Kerri Delacruz should never have had to endure this monstrous violation against her person. Lets make sure it doesn’t happen to another innocent person.